PrivacyScore is a website scanning tool that allows anyone to benchmark security and privacy features of websites. Rankings are public and can be configured to one’s preferences. PrivacyScore helps users, activists, and data protection authorities.

The system was developed by researchers at the Universities of Hamburg, Bamberg, and the TU Darmstadt. The public beta version of the project can be found at

Max Maass
PhD Student in IT Security

My research interests include transparency and its applications in improving privacy and security.


Today, online privacy is the domain of regulatory measures and privacy-enhancing technologies. Transparency in the form of external and …

PrivacyScore ist ein öffentliches Web-Portal, mit dem automatisiert überprüft werden kann, ob Webseiten gängige Mechanismen zum Schutz …

Website owners make conscious and unconscious decisions that affect their users, potentially exposing them to privacy and security …


Presenting the paper ‘On the Difficulties of Incentivizing Online Privacy through Transparency: A Qualitative Survey of the …

A German talk about the PrivacyScore project